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I am the Expeditor

I wake up everyone else in my house every single day. I am the household alarm. I am the quintessential morning person. My kids (at home) are now 16, 14, 11, & 59 My sweet husband is 55. I get up and have some time to myself, chug water, have my coffee, poop alone #goals

And then I start waking people. My oldest is a morning person, so she's sweet but sleepy. She quietly goes through her morning routine, being ready makes her content. I never have to remind her of anything. My youngest wakes fine and happy, but we let him sleep until the last possible moment. My older son ends up taking a second nap on the couch, and it's a struggle to get him out of bed. My other one, they sleep like it’s their chosen vocation. I have started asking the question, "do you want to not go to school today?" I offer alternative ideas of how they might spend the day. Cleaning their room is usually top of this list. I'm surprised by how they almost never say, "yeah, I want to stay home."

My reply when they, invariably, say "no, I want to go" is simple. "Then you have to get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, make your lunch. Just like every day." I have alarms