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Sullivan's Heart Rock

This rock tells stories, different from different angles. This one is Sullivan's, it is mine. I took the girls to the Oregon Country Fair. It's a big art and music festival, but it's more than that. My husband calls it the "hippie fair." It's a place where people can live their truths and truly be seen as they are. At its essence, it is all of that. They have a sign as you arrive and again as you leave that says, "Thank you for being us."

I love to see the work of artisans and craftspeople. At Celtic Artifacts & Amulets, one particular piece caught my eye, my breath, my soul. Right there was Sullivan's heart. It was a heart shaped hollow rock, but looking at it, the left half was smaller than the right, and the post that runs through it for hanging is reminiscent of the Fontan conduit he now has. And the heart is open. Someone said Sullivan is one of the most "open-hearted" people they had ever met.

The artist's wife, an older woman with clever eyes, smiled at me, "That one tells me stories, different from different angles."

"It speaks to me," I replied, "how much is it?"

About the time I realize I can't afford it, Jaquilynne comes over and sees it and says, "Oh, it's beautiful mommy!"

I reply, "yes, it's Sullivan's heart."

She gasps, "It IS!" She turns to the woman, Ruth, and says, "my baby brother was born with half a heart." Ruth's eyes widen almost imperceptibly and dart to mine and I nod, "yes, our youngest, he's 3, he was born with the left half of his heart underdeveloped and not functioning, he only has half. He just had this third open heart surgery in April, and he's doing well." My eyes start to tear up as Ruth's eyes touch my soul. I feel powerful energy from her.

In slow motion, I see her take the heart from the pin and place it in my open palm. She folds my fingers closed gently around it. I start to sob softly, uncontrollably. "Sometimes, we get to do magic," she says.

I tell her that I love her willingness to gift it to me, and that I'd like to buy it, I just can't afford it, but I give her all that I had budgeted for myself, and she asks my son's name. I told her and she wrote it in her ledger "Sullivan's mom - Heart Amulet..." We were her first sale of the Fair. I hope they have a wonderful and prosperous weekend.

My daughters, 9 and 11 at the time, hugged me tightly and we thanked her. I marvel at these two little women, full of compassion and understanding -- they are walking this path too. Sullivan's heart has changed us all. I hugged them back.

Ruth is right. Sometimes we get to do magic.


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