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The Bos

One night, 616 days into our COVID quarantine, Sullivan wanted to act out cartoons loudly in the living room while Joe and the kids were watching some new Hallmark Christmas Movie. He was asked to stop and given different options for activity, location, even volume level, nevertheless, he persisted, which resulted in a certain sister yelling at him exasperatedly. He decided he would sure show her, by making himself "Bos."

"When SHE sees I'm the boss, she won't be able to say a THING! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!" Sullivan does a great evil laugh, with over exaggerated hand wringing and throwing his face up to the sky. He taped this sign to his shirt and ran out to show her who's "Boss."

I keep watching whatever action/cop/serial killer show I was watching.

A few moments later, he comes back into my room, looking sad. "She took my 'Boss' tag. Now SHE'S wearing it. And she says SHE just made a rule, no acting out cartoons in the living room!" Looks at me with huge eyes. Whispers, "ever ..."

I'd have gotten video, but the whole ordeal lasted 127 minutes (the length of the entire Hallmark movie). By this time, I have offered my room or either hallway, or his room as an alternative location for acting out cartoons. I've suggested he wear headphones, so he doesn't have to talk as loud to hear himself think (it's a thing, y'all.). So when he informed me that the new "Bos" won't let him act out cartoons in the living room ....ever, I chuckled and asked, "do you want a hug?" He climbed up like a cartoon in depserate need of a hug, and squeezed me until my eyes, not cartoon eyes, mind you, almost popped out of my head. I talked to him more about how we all have to share space (616 days of intense space sharing), and be considerate of one another. He nods. Then his eyes sparkle. Then he runs out to the living room, comes back with the tape and a small piece of paper with a block letter "P" in the middle of a star and asks me to help him tape it on.

"Wait until she hears I have ALL THE POWER! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Just in case you wondered what we do for fun.


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